Students Paying a Visit to The Antique Book Museum

Students Paying a Visit to The Antique Book Museum by Rudy A. Girón

Here’s another day trip away from regular school day. Boy, when I was a kid anything to get me away from a regular school day, especially if it was for a theater play, concerto, or philharmonic recital, even visits to museums were good. So I guess a visit to a church is just as good when you’re a kid, even if it isn’t politically correct for the adults.

Museum Student VisitMuseum Student Visit 2

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  • Eric

    I’m with you, Rudy.  When I was in school, we didn’t care where we were going, as long as we had a chance to get out of the class room.  A visit to the Natural History Museum, to see the dinosaur bones, or a visit to one of George Washington’s field hospitals?  We were so excited.  No churches several centuries old, but we did okay with cool stuff to see.