Wall Decoration: Chairs

Wall Decoration: Chairs by Rudy A. Girón

I believe this is the second time I noticed these wooden rustic chairs hanging from a wall. In the post Hanging Chairs in La Antigua Guatemala I reported that I found the hanging chair unusual and intriguing; I still do.

What do you think the hanging chairs represent or mean?

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  • Mary Burich

    Good housekeeping. The Shakers in the US hung their chairs from pegs on the wall at least during cleaning, perhaps at other times.

    • Who knows really, I guess I will have to do some research. In this case, the chairs are on display because they’re for sale. 

  • Eric

    I was reading MO’s comments from the last ‘hanging chairs’ foto, and laughing.  I, too, get that creeped-out seance feeling when I see the little chairs hanging on the wall.  I saw the shop from Hanging Chairs in La Antigua Guatemala during my last visit, and all I could think of was that I had arrived late to some secret meeting of brujos enanos…all of whom instantly vanished when I looked in the shop.  Happy Halloween, everyone!

    • Yeah, MO’s comments always crack me up. I should have an aside on the sidebar some of his best comments so people can always have a laugh. 🙂