All Aboard Now

All Aboard Now

Okay everyone, I am in the Santa Claus mood, so I will send a beautiful set of three 11″x14″ photos from to the most creative caption/story for these three photos. Everyone is welcome to participate and I will not close the contest until there at least 10 proposed captions. Be as creative as you can be. Good luck to all participants!

All Aboard Now 2 All Aboard Now 3

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  • Dbuzzingham

    Driver: “You want to go to the Parque
    Central? “No problem. We have a special rate today for blond
    tourists. Only Q100.”

    Girls: “We can afford that.”

    Driver: “We should be there in no

  • Giovanni

    Foto 1:
    Chica: ¿y si te doy un besito, me bajas la tarifa?
    Conductor: No se puede, seño… tengo que comprar alfalfa para el burrito.

    Foto 2:
    Chicas: Búscale mas dinero porque no funciona el regateo.
    Conductor: (pensando a sí mismo) ¡Ahh, estas canchitas no hacen mas que regatear, hombre!

    Foto 3:
    Conductor: Súbase, mijo. Vamos a darles una vuelta a estas patojas.
    Chicas: Bye! Post this picture in Facebook.

  • Erick!

    I wish I could pick up beautiful girls that easily! 😉

  • Rappwayne

    I guess they’re not taking Euros anymore!

  • Eli Orozco

    Photo 2: I guess he is considering offering a special tariff. 🙂 

  • Eli Orozco

    Photo 2: I guess he is considering offering a special tariff. 🙂 

  • Lijame85

    Special price for two beautiful ladies. Let me get my friend and we can double.

    • That’s a good caption Lijame85. Perhaps I should let you guys do some of the captions.

  • Okay guys, I am closing this contest because it looks like we’re never going to get 10 captions. And the winner is Giovanni who not only came up with the most creative caption, but he gave us three. 

    Thanks everyone for participating.