Breakfast Time

Trash Collectors and the Ever Present Chuchos by Rudy A. Girón

The other day I found this typical Guatemalan stamp: the trash collectors having breakfast inside the trash collecting truck and the chuchos (street dogs) waiting for a piece of food. I believe this is a very real image of Guatemala and I should concentrate my efforts on bringing you more of these kind of imagery. What do you think?

© 2011 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Do you mean instead of chasing canchitas @Parque Central of LAG? 

    • That’s kind of unfair, I quick look at the last 15 days only show one post with canchitas. Do check for yourself and tell me how many you can find in the las 15 o 30 days for the matter.

      Or perhaps, you only see the posts with canchitas, so I don’t know, you tell me.

      • Stats, damn stats… and lies 
        😀 I still got it (that provocateur style of mine)… or maybe you are right and I am slightly biased. 

        • sos un provocador, eso sí sé. 😉

  • Although I love the food, architectural details, and vistas you post, I feel the strongest connection to the glimpses of real life that you show. Photograph what you feel most most drawn to, and I’m sure it will be beautiful, como siempre 🙂

    • Hi Janna, I promise I will not turn into a portfolio of misery, but I will include more “real raw” photos of Guatemala to get a more realistic sense of quotidian life in Antigua Guatemala. Thanks for your support and feedback.

  • Eric

    You do a very good job mixing things up, Rudy.  I think your readers get a variety of food items, arquitectural details, tourist vistas, and (as you put it) guatemalan stamp fotos.  Posts like this one give your readers an idea of what daily life is like in and around La Antigua….and since that’s your goal with this blog, I say “Go for it !”

    • Thanks Eric and all the others for your support. I promise I will not turn into a portfolio of misery, but I will include more “real raw” photos of Guatemala to get a more realistic sense of quotidian life in Antigua Guatemala.

  • NYChapin

    I feel the same way. You have the right mix of themes and great shots. keep up the good work!

    I do have one suggestion: how about sharing one of those pics where no words are needed ? ( perhaps you already shared something like that in the past). This way both you, and us loyal readers of LAG ( that’s what we call chaquetero in Guate and not to be confused with the Mexican meaning of the word) will be required to burn some brain cells in admiring the shot and given it a  meaning or interpretation. Perhaps even sounds ! 
    ( I always add sounds in my head to some of my favorite pics of LAG)  el agua de un chorro, los pasos de pie de lana en las calles empedradas, el motor de una camio, la carjada de un niño.

    How about it ?

    • Good ideas NYChapin, I will include more sounds and videos so you get a sense of the ambience. Too bad we can not yet share the aromas online just yet.

  • Erick!

    Although it can be a sad image for various reasons, I like it because it also presents another side of Antigua Guatemala (AG), and Guatemala in general, that many people do not get to see or experience.  AG is not all about beautiful structures/architecture, nice homes and crafts; like all other places on earth, it also has people much less fortunate than us and struggling.  It is nice to see these “chavos” working hard and trying to make some “pan para el gato”, as my dear grandpa used to say.

    • Erick, I believe these images are everywhere, including in the rich countries. I just came back from a trip where I visited places in LA and LAS which also were good examples of the disparity between the 1% and the 99%. La Antigua Guatemala (LAG) is not an exception, of course.

      • Erick!

        I totally agree, that’s why I alluded to the fact that all place on earth have a similar struggle, not just LAG. 😉  Keep up the great work, Rudy.