Enjoying the Winter Solstice in Antigua Guatemala

Enjoying the Winter Season Sunshine in Antigua Guatemala

I came across this list of Five Reasons to Spend Christmas in Antigua Guatemala, which basically mentioned the weather as top reason number 2. I would say the writer got most of it right, except the temperature can go as low as 5C/41F around six in the morning; people do give Christmas cards, except they are given personally because we don’t trust the mail system or by email; and last but not least, the winter solstice was not even mentioned. And don’t forget that the December 2012 solstice will be very important. Even if it’s not the end of the world as we know it, check out the Tikal Solstice Maya Rainforest video made by Thor Janson.

  • Christmas in Antigua Guatemala Reason #1 – Low Crassness Factor

    Antigua Guatemala keeps a light hand on the Christmas throttle. It’s not like the in-your-face fake and be merry season, which starts before Halloween and is endured in our more Northern climes… Overall, there’s less tinsel and more gentle feeling as citizens and visitors alike coast into the season…

  • Christmas in Antigua Guatemala Reason #2 – The Weather

    … Antigua Guatemala is a yuletide paradise. Even during the December days when daylight is at its shortest reign of the year, it’s usually about 75 degrees F (24 C) during the day and about 55 degrees F (13 C) in the evening…

  • Christmas in Antigua Guatemala Reason #3 – No Christmas Cards

    It seems that sending Christmas cards is not a tradition here… After, I’d gone to the third stationary shop (duh) it finally sunk in that this is not the done thing here…

  • Christmas in Antigua Guatemala Reason # 4 – Christmas Festivals

    December 7 kicks off the season with the burning of the devil… Our Lady of Guadeloupe brings solemn as well as merry folk through the calles and agendas… “Las Posadas,” which reenacts Mary and Joseph looking for a room in the inn…

  • Christmas in Antigua Guatemala Reason #5 – Its Really a Family Time

    …when it comes down to it, December 24 is really family time where church, a great meal and modest gift exchanges happen… families go back home and eat and party until 3 or 4 in the morning. Christmas Day is very quiet here with people sleeping off the festivities of the night before… continue reading the COMPLETE Five Reasons to Spend Christmas in Antigua Guatemala

Simply awesome! Check out the Tikal Solstice Maya Rainforest video made by Thor Janson:

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  • Glory Rich05

    I miss Antigua and the people so much. Love reading your stories. Merry Christmas

  • Kwallelno

    I’m working on putting together a 2012 Solstice trip to Mixco Viejo. I was up there a few years ago: the setting is outstanding, the ruin is used by the local Mayan  population, it should be off the radar for most of the gringo tourists and it is an easy day trip out of Antigua. The site offers camping, I figure on going up the day before, set things up and enjoy the whole thing with friends and family.