Where to get waffles in Antigua Guatemala?

Waffle at La Casaca

Interesting enough, I have not encountered many restaurants that offer waffles; or perhaps I wasn’t looking. However, for some reason, waffles jumped at me at the menu from Café La Casaca the first time I visited and I just had to have a waffle. Of course, if you drive to Guatemala City you can have waffles and pancakes at the IHOP restaurants, but I wouldn’t drive to GuateCity just for that. Interesting enough, there’s a Casa Internacional del Waffle or just La Casa del Waffle in San Lucas, but I have not got the chance to try them there.

Do you know of other restaurants in Antigua Guatemala or nearby that serve waffles?

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  • jlkjl

  • Anamaria

    Wow! That waffle sure looks good! I will have to check out Cafe La Casaca when I am in Antigua again in April….

  • Eric

    I’ll second Anamaria; these waffles look very good.  But I’ve eaten plenty of waffles over the years.  Dame un plato de huevos divorciados con frijoles en Dona Luisa’s, y conversacion con las bonitas camareras, y estoy contento.  😀