Every day we die a little

Every day we die a little

I never realized how much people die every day until I lived in a town where almost each death is announced by the PA system installed on the church on the main plaza. Through these announcements and the funeral processions and motorcades I have encountered I also learned that the grieving is also a communal event. When I stop to pay attention to the PA announcements often the name of the passing person is giving and the address where the mourning will be held and everyone is invited to assist.

These expressions of the strong community relationships forged through constant interactivity are often foreign to me since I have lived most of my life in big cities where often these community relationships rarely happen. I don’t know if I’m making any sense because I don’t think I have been able to seized these feelings and emotions into words. Am I?

How are deaths, funerals and mourning treated where you live?

New President and Congress Aside: On January 14 at 14 hours the transfer of presidential powers will be held in Guatemala City where Otto Pérez Molina will receive the Presidency of Guatemala from Alvaro Colom. Before 2 p.m. new Congressmen and women will also take their seat at the new Congress. I believe this is also the first time a woman will be the Vice President of Guatemala; Ingrid Roxana Baldetti Elías is that woman.

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  • Mary Burich

    You asked if you make sense in your comment to the photo, Rudy. I am surprised at your doubt because your words had already worked me up into quite an emotional response to the photo and your thoughts on grieving in your community.  My response is succinct and as follows:

    Every birth makes a difference, every death makes a difference.

    Excellent, just excellent comments you add to the photos, Rudy. Many thanks!

    • Oh Mary, thanks so much for your feedback. It really helps to hear that I am transmitting at least a fraction of what I am perceiving.

  • Oakland Daily Photo

    Hope this doesn’t sound morbid to you, but I’d like to see the graveyards of Antigua.  Somehow I imagine them to colorful.  Maybe because of the Day of the Dead traditions.