Café Condesa Express

Café Condesa Express

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to casaquear, chit-chat, but you still need your daily dose of the best coffee in the world, from Antigua Guatemala of course, so you don’t doze off and for that you head over to Café Condesa Express where you can get your caffeine fix very quickly. If you also need a sugar high, make sure order a pastelito to go with your coffee. Enjoy!

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  • Jessikah

    OMG! I was just there when I visited Guate in Sept. We went back for their pastries about 3 times in the same day! HAHA… Great photo! 😉

  • Eric

    This was the first cafeteria I ever visited in Guatemala; I stopped here during my camioneta ride from Ciudad Guatemala out to Panajachel.  Always good, for coffee and sweets.  I did not sport black socks w/light sneakers, flip-flops, or blindingly white legs, however.  😀