Tax Evasion in Antigua Guatemala

Tax Evasion in Antigua Guatemala

Tax evaders in Guatemala take the risk of having their business shut down temporarily and have a sign like the above posted on their main entrance. To be able to open again a business has to pay back the taxes evaded and a fine to the Superintendencia de Administración Tributaria (SAT); this is the tax collecting agency in Guatemala. In the mean time, the business is marked with these shameful posters which basically are designed to embarrassed the owners and managers of said company.

What do you think of this procedure and posters?

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  • Guillermo Estrada

    How are this poor people able to pay now?!
    Medieval is the best way to describe it, if you don’t know what happens in Guatemala.

    • If it’s a business, which place was, they should pay their fair share of taxes. I mean, they are collecting the IVA from their clients, they should give those taxes back to the SAT.

      • There are basic rights every human deserve,  in Guatemala people are judged and punished even  before a court of law have convicted them. Penalties apply, that is fair.  But to deny a person the right to make a living is feudal and more so when small business are the ones punished.

  • Kwallelno

    My uncle went to jail here in Ohio for not paying his taxes, a little shut down and a poster at the door seems like small beer.

    • Kwallelno, thanks for sharing the story, I guess they are much more harder on tax evaders in the U.S. than in Guatemala. Also, I believe they collect much more taxes there as well.

  • Eric

    I have only seen this here in my corner twice, maybe three times.  Same procedure, as far as I know…sticker on the door, fines, back taxes, etc.  Typically, for the bigger businesses, their lawyers prevent any lasting damages or enormous fines. Maybe we would have more small businesses here if the owners did not need to secure legal help first….?

    • Wow, I didn’t know they do the same in your neck of the woods. Thanks for sharing.

  • Pam Glover

    All of us have to pay taxes inthe US, unless you are very poor or very wealthy–which is definitely unjust.