We can all get along just fine

We can all get along just fine by Rudy Girón

Often I have spoken about the wonderful feel-good vibe that one can sense and be part of while hanging out at the Plaza Mayor, better known simply as Parque Central, Antigua Guatemala’s Main Plaza, but I have not been able to seize the sensation in a picture until today.

If you have been to Parque Central and sat on one of the benches or just hanged there, please, share with us what vibes, feelings or sensetions have you perceived.

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  • Lee

    Yes, I have spent some very relaxing time in Parque Central. It is a lovely place–a place where you can feel the history and the beauty of Guatemala. The people are friendly, they always smile and say ” hola!”. I love that place!

    • Yes, people are always very friendly at parque central.

  • Eric

    Uuuuauuu, many memories of Parque Central…getting the best shoe shine ever (look for Hector), helados, buying chocolate, finding a book at the feria de libros that made me the envy of many, saying “Buenos Dias” to the many lovely ladies of La Antigua, and meeting Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper, and Chewbacca.  That last part was strange, but true.  Solamente en Guatemala, no ?  😀

    • Come on Eric, tell us the story of meeting Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper, and Chewbacca; we want to know.

      • Eric

        Pues…I was in the Parque Central right after “La Guerra de la Guayaba” opened in Guate. City.  The group was doing a promotion for the play. All I know is, I had just purchased a newspaper, and was walking toward Dona Luisa’s, when a van pulled up, and out came Chewie, a Stormtrooper, and Sr. Vader.  Everyone stopped to look; no one knew what to say or do, until those three started to interact with the crowd.  Darth Vader looked a bit like he was wearing his father’s costume…it was very baggy…but we all knew he was the bad guy.  Que vive la alianza de rebeldes!  je-je-je !

  • Brian

    My best memories of Parque Central were an early morning, where our kids were jumping over and playing in the small pools of water that had gathered overnight before the heat of the day would evaporate them away.  The kids were running around, jumping over puddles, laughing, and singing.  It is a great memory, but there were many other “runner up” memories that were also wonderful.

    • Thanks for sharing those wonderful memories. Sometimes kids only need some puddles to have lots of fun.  

  • micaela6955

    I loved just hanging out in the park, watching the people walk by.  Tourists, vendors, locals all in one place-it was truly amazing.  I can remember buying some pretty necklaces from vendors during my trip there (my coworkers have all given me instructions to go back there and bring them back one!) and I look forward to my annual trip to Guatemala this July and August.  While most of my weekends will be at weddings (can anyone say fiestas?) I do hope for a trip to Antigua so I can sit in the park again and relax…  

    • Yes, people watching ranks very high among the favorite things to do at Antigua Guatemala’s Central Park.