Fresh Bread Is Baked Twice Daily

Fresh Bread Twice Daily by Rudy Girón

Some of you might recall that fresh tortillas are available three times a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Well, fresh bread is baked twice a day for breakfast and dinner. Tortillas or bread baked in the morning is considered old by noon. Of course, because these tortillas and bread are prepared so often and without preservatives, they go bad in a couple of days without refrigeration.

Do you know when was your bread or tortillas made?

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  • Eric

    El pan ?  Si, porque lo compro de una panaderia cerca de mi; siempre es fresco.  Las tortillas, no, no se la fecha de creacion, pero las uso para hacer chilaquiles o tostadas.  Hay rumores sobre una tortilleria cerca de mi, Rudy.  Necesito invesitgar; le dare un informe completo a usted !  Hecho de menos las bellezas en las tortillerias… 🙁

    • Eric

      I have an update :  I just returned from my friend Jose’s restaurant, which serves salvadoreno comfort food.  My tortillas came from the angelitas who work with Jose, made a few moments before I ordered them.  I do not suffer TOO much, here in the corner pocket !