Typical Guatemalan Breakfast Booth


Everywhere in Guatemala you can find breakfast stalls similar to one shown above where the working class and anybody’s hungry can stop by to get an orange juice or licuado (smoothies) and a pan con pollo (chicken sandwich), or pan with you name it, chiles rellenos, guacamol, frijoles (beans), et cetera. The bread used to prepare the sandwiches is normally pirujo, an elongated French roll, but you can also find pan galleta and pan francés (French roll). Tostadas are usually available at these kind of desayunos on the go.

One interesting trivia is that many workers order their orange juice with raw eggs.

© 2012, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Eric

    You have done it again, Rudy.  I just finished breakfast, and now I am reading this post, looking at the photo…and I’m hungry again.  Un sandwich con pollo, chiltepe y guacamol sounds reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaalllllllly good right about now.  Can you send me one, express mail ? 

  • Andrea

    im slightly (okay supremely) obsessed with your blog. lol I’m at my desk and wishing I was in Guate! Im trying to better understand my heritage and you all help me so much. ^_^ 

  • Sdr500

    The orange juice with raw egg sounds like an Orange Julius!

    • Eric

      I thought of this, too, after reading Rudy’s closing comment.  I never learned the secret to Orange Julius, but I bet a blended-in egg would give it that “Mall Food Court” taste !  Ha-ha !

  • Luis

    Rudy, with your post you just made me more anxious to get to La Antigua Guatemala.  My wife and I really love to have a carrot juice and a pan con pierna at the market for breakfast.  I am lucky enough that I will be for Semana Santa in my beautiful LAG.

  • Lisa

    I was just telling someone that I wish I could learn how to make frijoles the way they do in Guatemala so I could eat them with my breakfast.  I asked someone last time I was there, and she told me I can’t make them because they have to be cooked all day in a clay pot over an open fire.  Oh well, at least I have something to look forward to for my next trip!  

  • Begonia

    Orange juice and eggs=Guatemalan Protein shake!  It’s nutritious, it’s fast, and, um….well completely disgusting, to me at least. 

    My Guatemalan husband likes to order one in the morning because he often doesn’t have time to eat a proper breakfast.