Air plants are known as Gallitos in Guatemala

Air plants are known as Gallitos in Guatemala

Gallitos, air plants, are found everywhere in Guatemala, especially so around Antigua Guatemala because the large tree population surrounding our enchanting and colorful colonial town. So, I guess it should come as no surprise to find then hanging from the power lines as well. I have always have felt fascinated by these air plants.

Are there air plants where you live?

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  • these epi-phytes are “bromelias” which are relatives of pineapples…  did you know?

    • Thanks Manolo for sharing this information about the gallitos (epi-phytes). Now, how does underground plant like the pineapple becomes an air plant or was it the other way around?

  • Eric

    It’s a bit too cold up here for gallitos; I don’t believe we have anything like them.  Although, it was -2degreesC here last week, and it’s 22 degrees C here today…maybe with global warming, we will have gallitos hanging from our power lines, too, and very soon !

    • You’re right Eric, with the global warming, denied by all republican presidents since 1980, there is a possibility that soon enough you will also have gallitos hanging from trees and power lines.