Contemplating the first rains of 2012

Contemplating the first rains of 2012 by Rudy Giron

Well, it looks like the dry season it’s coming to an abrupt end. 🙁 Joaquin Sabina would ask in a song, ¿Quién me ha robado el mes de abril? (Who has stolen April from me?). Honestly, I want to know why we’re losing about six weeks of the gorgeous dry season, does anybody know?

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  • El Canche

    I know what happened….your April was stolen by the English! We have seen our Summer come early and are now officially entering a period of drought, which is completely unexpected! I would still rather be in LAG!

  • Eric

    Pues, Rudy…we received less than half our usual snowfall amount this year, and we are at less than half of our normal rainfall amount for the first part of Spring.  Maybe Guatemala has stolen our Spring from us ?  Nicely done … we never saw it coming … ;D

  • Mercutio57

    Mientras tanto por aquí en NY se nos robaron el invierno. A saaaaaber, pues…. 

  • Well… thats exactly the question I am asking myself now that I am finally here in my beloved Antigua again. And here I thought March is supposed to be the warmest and driest month of the year ? nope… not this year… I only brought a jeans jacket cause I figured with that you’d be plenty warm enough… little did I know I should have brought an extra blanket in my suitacse cause the nights are freezing. Well, nonethelesse I’d be blissfully happy if only Semana Santa will be sunny and there won’t be any rain during the processions (and during my travel to the Western Highlands the week after that for that matter ;o) !!)