Antigua Guatemala Holy Week Photographers

Antigua Guatemala Holy Week Photographers by Leonel -Nelo- Mijangos

We continue the series Antigua Guatemala Holy Week Photographers with portraits of three photographers, two of them friends and partners in Antigua Guatemala photo club. In the picture above, you can see how several photographers manage to take photos of each other without them realizing it.

The Holy Week in Antigua Guatemala has to be the most photographed event in Central America. Photographers come from all the corners of the world to see and be part of the Holy Week celebrations. I can’t think of something larger than Semana Santa in La Antigua Guatemala, can you?

All photos by Leonel [Nelo] Mijangos

© 2012, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • El Canche

    Hi Nelo,

    Looking at your past archive material of Semana Santa photos, we can expect great things this year also! I thought the week of featuring photographers would allow us to see their identity in each case; so who is the photographer in the foreground?….I’m suspicious!

    Judging by the position of the left hand, I’m not too sure they appreciated be snapped at that point!

  • Evansypek

    I recently returned form a trip to Antigua with my girlfriend. We fell in love with the city and I bought her a painting for her birthday. Unfortunately the painting was lost in her luggage. I have been searching everwhere to try and replace the painting, even if just with one of the prints from the artisan market, but I can’t find anywhere that sells those online. 

    I would REALLY appreciate any suggestions or help from anyone on this great site on how to get my hands on a painting of the city (preferably the streets and a volcano in the background) as her birthday is quickly approaching. 

    Thanks SO much for your help!

    You can contact me at

  • Eric

    Bien hecho, Nelo, como siempre.  Nice to see you on the ground this year, instead of hanging from trees or towers, ja-ja-ja!  So far, the cucurucho taking a break with his chips and iced tea is my favorite.  Thanks for the (always) unique views.

  • thanks canche i’m always glad that people likes my photos and enjoy this season in antigua. Since 5 years ago i have been taking pictures of photographers, because is really impressive their expression when some one take a photo of them instead they take the picture. But until this year i talk with @rudygiron about show some of them. About the photographer on the main photo let me told you that she is the secretary of the Photo Club of Antigua. And was my photo mate this holy week, she is starting on the photography world. I think she didn’t want to hold the camera that way.. but you are a good observer and made me Laughing Out Loud jaja. i’m going to ask about it to @nidianikis:disqus 

  • Gracias Eric. I love this season because is the time when I’m a photographer full time. But about keep me on the ground i’m sorry to disappoint you because i was wearing my harness all the time. It was amazing how many people took picture of me this year that maybe @rudygiron can write a post about photography styles jeje. thanks, i’m working to publish this photo climbing photos and i’m going to let you know to see these.