Let’s go to school my little brother

Let's go to school my little brother by Rudy Girón

I read somewhere that the relationships among siblings are the longest of all. In this case, these two brothers are building a very strong relationship from the start. I like how the older brother wraps his arm around his little brother in a sort of protection way.

This is just another daily life stamp from Antigua Guatemala, I hope you enjoy it.

By the way, next Tuesday AntiguaDailyPhoto will be celebrating its 6th year anniversary of bringing you everyday life images, stories, art and news from Antigua Guatemala.

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  • Tom in Brooklyn

    I like your black and white pictures; or in this case sepia. There’s so much color in Antigua, it can get distracting.

  • MadWoz

    Rudy, I LOVE this photo . . . you were able to capture a great moment with this.  You can feel the brotherly love, support, and protection exuding from this photo.

    Great work!

  • vamosalcine

    great picture! very cute.

  • Erick!

    Love this photo, Rudy.  I’m very close to my older brother and this reminds me of when him and I were youngsters and used to walk to school together.

  • http://www.elitecreteaustralia.com.au/ taylor martin

    i love your photos and the setting.. beautiful concrete setting