Mi tiendecita sign

Mi tiendecita sign by Rudy Girón

Tiendecitas or tienditas, little convenience stores, have to be the most popular business enterprise in Guatemala. I can not imagine living without a tiendecita in each block or several tienditas for the matter. These convenience stores are very convenience and they sell many items in small quantities. For instance, who would thought that you can go the tiendecita and purchase just one, 1, cigarette or an ounce of margarine or one egg, etc.

What’s the weirdest thing you have bought at a tiendita?

© 2012, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • NYChapin


  • Tom de NY

    I never bought anything weird at a tiendecita, but the first time I went to one in Antigua it was because I had lost my comb.  The problem was that I was terrified of mispronouncing the word and asking for a certain body part instead!  I got around it by pretending to have forgotten the word entirely and told the woman I was looking for “esa cosita que se usa para…” while I pantomimed combing my hair like “the Fonz.”  It worked, and I got my comb.  I still play it safe and avoid saying the word, though..! 

    • NYChapin

       ja ja ja ja ja ja !!!! awesome Tom !!

    • Hi Tom, thanks for sharing this funny and interesting story. I really like the part “the Fonz” of the story since I am a Fonz fan. 😉

  • Tom de NY

    Bien gracioso, ¿cierto?  Imagínese como pudo haber salido todo:    –Pase adelante, caballero, ¿Qué busca Ud.?–  –Bueno, Señora, es que quisiera comprar…  –Increíble.