Coffee and Cupolas

Coffee and Cupolas by Rudy Girón

If you live in or around Antigua Guatemala you get used to coffee farms, coffee lots and coffee orchards and cupolas very fast. Here I was able to get both on the same shot. This photo was taken on the back end of the San Cristobal El Bajo church.

Have you visited San Cristóbal El Bajo yet? If not, why not?

© 2012, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Eric

    I don’t think  Ihave visited San Cristobal el Bajo yet, Rudy; at least, I don’t remember the name. On some visits to La Antigua, I go a little crazy visiting cathedrals and ruins, to the point that after a few days, I suffer from “Architectural Fatigue”. There are too many architectural gems in and around La Antigua!  Good luck on your quest to visit the churches in and around the city.
    Oh, and thank you, now I know how to order my coffee next time “Cafe negro, no azucar, con cupolas.”  Ja-ja-ja!