It’s Umbrella Time in Antigua Guatemala

It's Umbrella Time in Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Girón

It’s time for the umbrellas and you probably should buy one in you plan to visit Guatemala for the next 180 days or so. Sorry, it’s like that and there is no way around it. Heck some people, like Eric from Boston, have never seen the beautiful and dry Guatemala; can you believe that?

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  • Eric

    Of course I believe it !  I have never seen it any other way !  Ja-ja-ja!
    I like the challenges the rain presents, Rudy. There is the challenge to sit somewhere at Dona Luisa’s that will not become soggy in a sudden downpour, the challenge to cross the many instant rivers in the plaza mayor, and of course, the challenge to find the perfect cappuccino to sip while waiting for the showers to stop.  What’s not to love ?