Waiting #1 in Antigua Guatemala

#1 The wait in Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Girón


Guatemalans are not known for their punctually so often you see people waiting. Today we begin a mini series on “waiting” and the win-a-post-card contest. Here’s the simple rule to participate and win: The most creative story for the picture above will win a photo post card made from a photo from AntiguaDailyPhoto, mailed to your home or office. Just post your creative story or caption on the comment area at AntiguaDailyPhoto before Monday, June 4, I’ll select the most creative story and mail the photo post card so you can receive it the same week.

Good luck to all participants!

© 2012, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  •  Rosalía does not know how lucky she is…

    Two hours ago, the police arrested two man who had kidnapped, abused and murdered 8 young women in the past 2 months. They were captured when leaving an internet coffee place. They had two 9mm guns, 2 duct tape rolls and a notebook with names, facebook addresses and phone numbers of the victims, as well as Rosalía’s.

    She was the next victim, she have had an online affair with “Jonathan” for a few weeks now, they have arranged a long waited meeting for precisely this afternoon.

    Jonathan is 25 minutes late now, she’s not sure if she should leave already or give him a few more minutes, but why don’t he calls? -she asks herself repeatedly, while looking at her phone’s screen to check the time…. and hoping it will ring in any moment.

    “I have the worse luck ever!” she complains…

    • Hi Manolo, that’s a very strong caption, but sadly, that could be a possible caption in many places of Guatemala City. Thanks for participating.

  • Every afternoon Patricia was waiting around the corner from where I work very serca, then walk to the small park at the School of Christ of La Antigua, where almost alwayssurprised us at night. One day I discovered that I was cheating with her ​​ex-boyfriend, andloved her way too was a wonderful woman, but had to leave, auque part of my life it will take it. That afternoon not come … I Was not calling and how long I was expecting butestubo best for me, now only memories alive.(I think that inspires me a bit that even I believed it)

  • NYChapin

    Y cuando el Dinosaurio por fin contesto, ella ya no estaba ahí.
    Que Dinosaurio mas burro.

    • Okay, for this contest, I am picking your creative caption as the winner. For the other two posts, I will extent the contest one more week to see anybody wants to take a chance at them.