The Quality of Life in the Enchanting Antigua Guatemala

The Quality of Life in the Enchanting Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Giron

I’ve said it before and believe I don’t get tire of repeating it:

Many Guatemalans take advantage of the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere in and around La Antigua Guatemala to spend some quality time with friends, family or by themselves. The best things in life are free or nearly free as Claudia put it, “… simple times, simple pleasures, family, friends, nature… ”

Don’t get me wrong, you DO need money to live or to try to survive in Guatemala, as in the rest of the world, but in general, it seems that people in Guatemala live happier lives, with much less money and amenities than people in the U.S.A. and other wealthy countries; that’s my slight appreciation of two societies I have been lucky to live in most of my life.

What’s your opinion or what have you observed in your trips to the land of the eternal Spring?

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  • Mike Matthews

    Another lovely image, Rudy. Our recent, but brief, visit gave us a good sense of the ‘peace and tranquility’ that Guatemala and Antigua, in particular, have to offer. Thanks!

    • Hi Mike, that’s good to know. What I try to show through my pictures and stories is that other lifestyles are possible.

  • What you are talking about is Bliss. ☺

    • Maybe or maybe not. I guess you will have to come spend some time in and around Antigua Guatemala to find out for yourself.

  • Tom de NY

    I am inclined to agree. My Guatemalan friends all tell me that although they would like to see the U.S. and other countries, they’d never move there. They say that they would only immigrate if it were a matter of survival (as it is for many of the undocumentados here). “As long as we have jobs,” two friends said to me on my last trip, “we’d never leave Guatemala. In our work we talk with a lot of foreigners, and we know what we have here.”

    • It’s good to hear your point of you Tom and your feedback and the testimony of other Guatemalans. Thanks!

  • Erick!

    Part of my childhood was spent in Guatemala and every time I travel there I can’t help but notice how relaxed people seem to be. My perception is that people in Guatemala just don’t live such rushed lives like we do here in the States where nothing ever stops; as everything else, I’m sure it has its pros and cons.

    • My goal is not to point out which lifestyle is better since that’s a personal preference; rather I strive to show another lifestyle is possible with different goals and pace where what’s important is something else altogether. Am I making sense? Am I accomplishing it?

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  • Mario Blanco

    Rudy, you are doing much more than INGUAT to promote Antigua. At one point demand part of their budget. At the other extreme if you continue to do it this well the place will be crawling with ex-pats and re-pats like me, traffic will be worse and home prices will continue to skyrocket. Write some of the bad stuff too, to compensate, ja ja ja!

    • I don’t think the white elephant of INGUAT will share any of their budget with me, although they should.

  • Sheila Makler

    My experience with Antigua is that it is a very heart-centered culture and easy to connect with the people.