It’s Always Ice Cream time In Guatemala

It's Always Ice Cream time In Guatemala by Rudy Giron

It looks like it doesn’t matter what season we are in Antigua Guatemala, rainy or dry, hot or cold, summer or winter, people are always eating ice cream. Furthermore, we have a large selection of ice cream and different kinds as well from the cheap cuquitos to the very expensive gelatos.

What’s your favorite Guatemalan ice cream?

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  • Fred

    I’ll be coming to Guatemala for the first time in my life at the end of the month on a “mission” trip with a group from my church here in Ontario, Canada. We’ll be staying in La Antigua and working to build houses in nearby(?) villages. Since I found this site I’ve been following it to check out the weather and get a bit of a sense of where we’ll be. Sent the link along to others on the team and we all want to say how much we enjoy it.


    • Hi Fred, thanks for the awesome feedback. If you and your team find the information useful, please, do consider giving a small donation. Thanks!

  • Begonia

    I love Fruti-helados!!! Every time I am in Antigua I stop by the fruti-helados place near the bodegona, um, every chance I get.

    • Yeah Begonia, those fruti-helados are delicious and much better than the ice-cream cones.

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