The Caretaker House and Family

The Caretaker House and Family by Rudy Girón

Many farms, parcels and properties have a caretaker living on premises, this is what a house for guardian living on the premises look like. Often, his family lives there as well.

The one thing that caught my eye was the fact that even though this is humble living quarters, they still manage to have flowers on both sides of the house. I also like the rhythm and colors of the scene, how about you?

© 2012, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • NYChapin

    Por el amor de Dios Rudy, be careful!!
    Did you have your helmet and elbow pads on ? I think you were going a little too fast on a couple of down hills.

    he he…

    • You know, when I was younger I used to that, but never did it in Guatemala. Here looks like it’s more fun and the vegetation more exuberant.

  • NYChapin

    by “manage” do you mean that they were able to prevent the “patron” from taking them? Like everything else………..

    • Hahahaha NYChapin, your comment is funny and incendiary. In other times, that comment could have gotten you in trouble, but you already know that and that’s why live where speaking your mind is not a problem, right?

      • NYChapin

        It’s all your fault Rudy. You have the talent to capture inspiring moments and scenes. Por ejemplo, when I first saw the little girl using the curtain as a cape, I thougt of “remedios la bella” from Cien Años… la que subio al cielo envuelta en sabanas.

        • Oh Cien años de soledad changed me on the first reading. I can recalled the first time I read it as it was yesterday…