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July 2012

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Antigua Hangouts: Parque Central by Rudy Giron

Antigua Guatemala Hangouts

There are many hangouts in Antigua Guatemala such cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs, parks, ruins, etc., but Parque Central or main plaza is …

Centenaria Escuela Oficial Rural Mixta Francisco Marroquín by Rudy Giron

School Year Cycle in Guatemala

As I have mentioned before, Guatemala’s school year begins in January and end in October. So even though in many places of …

The Milkman in San Gaspar Vivar by Rudy Giron

Got Milk?

Basically, the lechero, milkman, guides a herd of goats, cabras in Guatemalan Spanish, around town selling the drawn-on-the-spot glass of milk for …

Volcán de Agua Wallpaper by Rudy Giron

Agua Volcano Wallpaper

Let me share with you this image of Volcán de Agua taken from the village of San Gaspar Vivar at the mid-point …

Walk This Way by Rudy Giron

Walk This Way!

I have a fascination for bare naked walls that show the materials that are used to form them. Bricks, rocks, concrete, adobe, …

Jogging Around Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Girón

Jogging Around Antigua Guatemala

If you are the kind of person that enjoys jogging or riding a bicycle, the roads around Antigua Guatemala provide an excellent …

Entrance to Iglesia El Calvario by Rudy Giron

Entrance to Iglesia El Calvario

El Calvario or Calvary (Golgotha) is the name of the mount on the outskirts of Jerusalem where it’s believed that Jesus Christ …