It’s Cake Time in Antigua Guatemala

It's Cake Time in Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Giron

You know what, I just realized that there are as many panaderías, bakeries, and pastelerías, cake shops in Antigua Guatemala as there are heladerías, ice cream shops. Actually, quick count on my minds tells me there are more bakeries and cake shops than heladerías. I guess Guatemalans have a sweet tooth.

What’s you favorite pastelería in Antigua Guatemala?

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  • Kim

    It used to be Cenicienta’s, but I understand that it’s no longer there.

  • Ivy

    Cenicienta y Cafe Condesa, mmmmm

    • Yes Ivy, La Cenicienta and Café Condesa are excellent choices for a piece a cake. My favorites are tiramisu from Cenicienta and Blackberries cheesecake from Condesa. How about you?