Tender Bonding Moments Between a Grandson and his Grandmother

Tender Bonding Moments between a grandson and his grandma by Rudy Giron

Okay abuelita, I am ready, let’s go…

The most creative caption for the image above wins a post card made from this photo. We close the contest on Friday. Good luck to all participants!

© 2012, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • luis

    “Last week’s public transportation stoppage forced kids to get to school by any means necessary”

  • Oakland Daily Photo

    Your caption is perfect. A touching photo demonstrating unconditional love.

  • Caroline

    Mi nieto, mi guia.

  • Aleksandra

    Why did you leave without me? You promised to bake me some cookies! I’m going with you anyway!….I love you Grandma…

  • Thanks everyone for participating. I believe the most creative caption is the one submitted by Luis. I will contact you Luis to get your mailing address. Stay tune!