Visiting San Juan del Obispo

Visiting San Juan del Obispo by Rudy Giron

There are many reason to visit the village of San Juan del Obispo, but I will name three to begin the list: Chocolate, the church and museum of San Juan del Obispo and their tropical fruit liquors. What other reasons would you add to the list of top ten reasons to visit San Juan del Obispo?

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  • I lived my childhood there! Love the little pueblo! Used to sell soft ice cream outside our door on Sundays for the foot-ball field goes 🙂

    • Hi Monica, the more I visit your little pueblo of San Juan del Obispo that more I fall in love with it. In so many ways, it’s so much nicer than San Pedro Las Huertas, don’t you think?

  • Lisa

    Dulces tipicos, the wonderful, friendly people and their very unique small fiestas, like the “fiesta de china” I had the privilege of attending in May!

    • Fiesta de china, that sounds very interesting. Can you tell us more about it?