Got Milk?

The Milkman in San Gaspar Vivar by Rudy Giron

Basically, the lechero, milkman, guides a herd of goats, cabras in Guatemalan Spanish, around town selling the drawn-on-the-spot glass of milk for Q5/$0.60. Some people drink the milk directly from the glass, while others boil it first. I remember that when I was a kid, having warm milk ordeñada, harvested, on the spot was a highlight of the day. This picture of the lechero from San Juan del Obispo was taken in San Gaspar Vivar as he made his way down to Antigua Guatemala.

This freshly-harvested milk delivery approach puts a new twist of the term “fresh milk”, don’t you think?

© 2012, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • NYChapin

    mmm, fresh milk… sounds good. Actually Rudy, here in the Yunai there has been an increase, or movement, of interest in raw milk and goat milk products. We have a few farms not too far form NYC ( 2 hrs)
    One of them is the Coach Farm ( founded by the same family that owned the line of Coach bags ( I’m sure you have one !) I can confirm it for Coach, but I know that many of our Chapines paisanos work on these farms ( I read a NY times article, but can’t find it now)

    • Thanks NYChapin for the additional background information. You really enrich each entry of AntiguaDailyPhoto. Thanks.

  • norm

    I grew up on fresh cow milk, a big stainless steel pitcher on the table at all meals. Ice cream made from cream skimmed off the top every few days. The old farm is a golf course now…

    • Wow Norm, a golf couse? It’s sad how much our world is changing and not necessarily for the better. Thanks for sharing your story about fresh milk and the farm you grew up in.

  • Christina

    How can I get this fresh goat milk? We arrived in Antigua on Thursday from the US. I think I heard he visits a local park (San Sebastian) every morning about 9 am. Is this correct? We only drink raw milk at home.

    • Hello Christina, well for starters, there are several milkmen. The one shown above has small route, he lives in San Juan del Obispo and only delivers freshly harvested milk around the villages of San Pedro Las Huertas, San Gaspar, Santa Catarina Bobadilla and only between 6am and 9am. There might another milkman around Parque San Sebastian, I don’t doubt it, but I don’t know for sure. One thing you have to keep in mind is that they usually only shepherd the goats very early in the mornings.

  • Angela

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to get raw cow’s milk in or around Antigua? I WANT to like goats milk but my taste buds don’t cooperate…

    • Hi Angela, Finca Carmona has freshly harvested cow’s milk daily, they usually do deliveries as well. Now with the goat’s milk, make sure you drink it immediately once it’s been milked otherwise the milk gets a funny taste if let to stand for a while.