The Canícula Is Over

The Canícual Is Over by Rudy Giron

La canicule terminé !

¡La canícula terminó!

The heatwave is over!

Call it what you want, but canícula even though elsewhere it is used for referring to a heatwave or the dog days, in Guatemala, or even in Central America perhaps, it’s used to mean an extended break in rainy season where we have dry days with lots heat, although the heat is not a requirement, but since we are in the Summer season, the heat is expected.

It’s the longest break of the rainy season that I have memory of, but it’s finally over and the regular heavy down pours are back. I will try my best to capture the beauty of the rainy season as well. Wish me luck.

© 2012, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Eric

    Now the rains come ? I missed them ! Well, Rudy, I did get to see Guatemala “dry”, for the first time. Unfortunately, the dry conditions triggered a nasty allergy attack, and caused me to retreat to the States a bit early. I should have known better, and should have packed some medication in my backpacks just in case. You can expect an e-mail soon, in which I apologize for not meeting for a Moza or two … an e-mail that begins “My allergies wers soooooo bad…..” The good news is, I have good reason to return much sooner than I planned … as if La Antigua weren’t a good reason in itself. As you say, Rudy, “Stay tuned…”

    • Yeah Eric, what happened to the Moza meeting? I am still waiting here. 😉 I hope you’re feeling better now.