Dish ware, Pans and Pots Ambulant Vendors

Dishware, Pans and Pots Ambulant Vendors by Rudy Giron

In Guatemala the door-to-door ambulant vendors are still very popular. They walk all day selling all kinds stuff, but dish ware sets, pots and pans, blenders are especially popular. To think of it, anything that goes in kitchen or bedroom is popular among the door-to-door ambulant vendors. I suspect the conversion ratio must be very low, yet you still see ambulant vendors on the streets all the time.

Do they still have ambulant vendors where you live? What do they offer most often?

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  • El Canche

    Hi Rudy,
    Yes; here we get door-to-door sellers of the smaller household goods, like gloves, cleaning cloths, sponges, etc. They are usually young offenders who have just come out of jail or have escaped a jail sentence by offering to do community service. Most of us buy something to encourage them to continue on the right road. They carry a small ID card so you know who they are.

    • It’s interesting how the same concept of selling on the streets takes on a twit as a rehabilitation approach. Thanks for sharing.

  • Nothing here in Central Maine except magazines from time to time… I do miss the sellers in Guatemala, I used to love seeing what they were selling and even buy a few things once in awhile. (usually food, fruits/veggies or the occasional household item)