Antigua Guatemala is a hide-out for the comfortably off and the harmlessly dotty…

La Antigua Guatemala is a hide-out for the comfortably off and the harmlessly dotty by Rudy Giron

This is quite possibly the best description I have ever read about La Antigua Guatemala and it comes from the pen of Adrian Anthony Gill, better know by his nom de guerre AA Gill.

Today it’s a miraculously beautiful, crumbly Spanish colonial town. Sometimes neglect is the best thing that can happen to a place. It’s set in the lee of three towering volcanoes, one of which smokes and dribbles malevolently. It’s a low grid of pastel- and earth-coloured shop fronts, courtyard houses, picturesquely ruined churches and runaway tropical gardens. It has an outré expat population who all seem to be escaping from something. Antigua is a Butch and Sundance hide-out for the comfortably off and the harmlessly dotty.”(AA GILL)

What’s your opinion? is AA Gill right on or is he off completely?

UPDATE: Here’s the sound track for this entry as requested by NYChapin. Enjoy!
People are Strange by The Doors on Grooveshark

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  • isa

    I know this guy he fits into both categories at the same time.

    • I said it before, LAG is a pueblito. 😉

  • NYChapin

    Is that Jim Morrison ? man, he still has those leather pants ! je je je
    Great shot and color Rudy, the man reminds of the creepy guy on ” Amores Perros”. Hey Rudy, how about adding some music to the shot? say ” people” by the Doors. By the way, I think Antigua can not be described in a few sentences, you have to live it and then enjoyed drop by drop, like a lazy chorro de agua.

    • That’s right NYChapin, that why I share with you daily doses of Antigua Guatemala; there are over six years now of daily doses and still plenty more to come.
      Done, I have updated the post with the sound track of People Are Strange from The Doors.

  • El Canche

    Born to be wiiii….iiild!

    • Wow, everyone is suggesting songs for this entry. Maybe I should do more of that, having sound tracks for some of the daily entries. What do you think?

  • NYChapin

    Awesome Rudy !! I think it’s a perfect match. Gracias

  • El Canche

    Well Rudy, you already add music to the site and I love the video shorts and audio files as they add another dimension of feel to this already amazing site. So often we can feel Antigua as if we were living there, despite being 6000 miles away!