Setting up the charcoal grill

Setting up the charcoal grill by Rudy Giron

If you travel between the U.S. and Guatemala often one thing you are bound to notice immediately is the size of portions. For instance, in the United States the small soda on most fast-food combos now is what used to be the large size soda. In Guatemala, the opposite is happening, per example the size of prepackaged sodas and snacks keeps getting smaller; often you can find a glass bottle mini Coca-Cola (6 o 8 oz bottle), that’s smaller than 12 oz can; snacks can be bought in one ounce servings. Last time I visited I was told that Carl’s Jr was already selling the one-pounder burger, is this correct? Heck, I remember having watch a documentary called Super Size Me about the tendency to make sizes of portions larger and larger.

Another example is shown in the picture above; the man is preparing a tiny charcoal grill for cooking Chevere and Shuco hot dogs. In the U.S. this will be starting fire for a much larger grill, I think, correct me if I am wrong.

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  • kwallek

    They sell a burger at a local joint here in Ohio that covers a dinner plate… but they cut it up into eights so it feeds a group.

    • A group of one? Wow, what do they call this giant burger?

  • El Canche

    What might the American response be? Check it out on the link below
    Of course it could never be just as simple as size,,,,could it?! By the way, the shuco seller may sell of the grill in your picture, but he looks like he eats off the one in the link!

    • Thanks for sharing Canche, those are huge broilers.

  • Eric

    In the United States, we do not call this a charcoal grill. We call it a ‘candle holder’. 😀

    • That’s a good one Eric.

  • when we went to Antigua a few years back my inlaws purchased one of these smaller grills at the market, and it took forever to get the carne asada! lol… I made sure that when I sent a truck down I sent a good sized grill as well so that we could cook the meat faster! But to be honest, I have several small grills just like this at home, which I keep in the back of my car for picnics and tailgating-they just don’t work well when cooking for a large group of people. As far as food portion servings you are somewhat right, fast food places have been notorious for making their portions bigger and better but lately I’ve noticed that the fries on the happy meals (cajita feliz) at McD’s have gotten smaller & they have added sliced apples as well-the prices keep going up, but the portions are getting smaller.