Walking on High Heels and CobbleStone Streets Don’t Mix

High Heels Walking and CobbleStone Streets Don't Mix by Rudy Giron

After having watched this woman and countless others take baby steps while walking very carefully over the cobblestone streets of Antigua Guatemala one can conclude that these two things don’t mix.

Can any of the women readers who have walked on high heels over the cobblestone streets share any tips or your experiences?

Feria de Jocotenango Aside: On August 15 the city of Jocotenango celebrates its patron saint day. Incidentally, Guatemala City also celebrates on this date its patron saint day and it’s called la Feria de Jocotenango or Feria de Agosto, August Fair. If I get a chance, I will go to Jocotenango to take some pictures. Stay tuned!

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  • Buzz


    I’ve long been amazed with how few women in high heels stumble on La Antigua’s cobblestones. In fact, since moving here last year, I’ve only seen two women stumble wearing them. I’m quite surprised that no heels seem to be caught between the cobblestones.


    • Hi Buzz, they surely have acquired special skills for walking on high heels.

  • Angela

    I think I would break my ankle in about 2.4 seconds if I dared attempt walking on these streets with heels! I’ve noticed that all the local girls do and am just blown-away how they manage to navigate between the holes, cracks, steps and cobblestones.

    • Yeah, it’s amazing Angela. I wonder how they do it?