Antigua Guatemala Back Roads

Antigua Guatemala Back Roads by Rudy Giron

Antigua Guatemala is full of back roads and shortcuts that can take you to new scenery such as a bougainvillea-lined roadway, paths between coffee plantations, abandon parish ruins, panoramic vistas of coffee plantations or as in todays case, a road that connects El Calvario church with San Pedro El Panorama.

What other back road do you believe is worth taking a look at?

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  • Tono

    The road from san gaspar to santa maria de jesus and also the road
    From el cerro de la cruz (or candelaria) to el hato. Both are worth a visit

  • NYChapin

    wow ! we have snow peaks in Antigua now ? je je

  • alvis

    The road to where the horses that pull the carriages are kept.

    • Oh Alvis, I will like to take some photos of the horse stables now that you mentioned it.