This is a place for prayer

This is a place for prayer by Rudy Giron

I guess too much tourism can be invasive or at least that’s the message I inferred from reading the sign, “Este es un lugar de oración, no un lugar turístico” or “This is place for prayer, not a touristic site.” What’s your opinion on too much tourism?

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  • Federico Rosales Arzú

    Esta es la Capilla de Adoración Perpetua, la cual esta abierta las 24 horas del día, del Templo de San Francisco el Grande en Antigua Guatemala, lugar dedicado a los católicos y personas que tiene penas y problemas, necesitando un lugar de recogimiento para pedir al Santisimo Sacramento, que esta allí expuesto permanentemente, ayuda, tranquilidad y paz. Se espera que el turista que la visite, lo haga con ese mismo respeto y recogimiento que los católicos y personas con penas y problemas….Se informa que no es un lugar turístico, sino un lugar de oración, no encuentro nada que limite las visitas…

  • Eric

    I don’t know if we should say “Too much tourism”, Rudy, but we do need some limits, and respect. I have been in the middle of a mass, and have seen tourisits walk into the middle of the congregation and poke an enormous zoom lens in the face of some poor lady deep in prayer, just to snap a few pictures. If this situation were reversed, an usher from a church in the U.S. would ‘escort’ the photographer outside. I offered to do so at the time, but my companeros told me to let them be.
    Maybe guatemaltecos are too accomodating sometimes ?
    I love the sign in your photo, and hope that tourists on those “once-in-a-lifetime” trips will respect what it says. Nicely composed shot, by the way !

  • Erick!

    There probably is some sense of entitlement by some of the tourists that frequent these places and I agree, there have to be some established guidelines so that the locals are respected during their prayers. A lot of it is just common sense and courtesy, which some people tend to lack.

  • Lopo

    It’s too bad signs have to be posted to prevent what is obviously voyeurism. I hope the sign helps.