Why is there a Ronald Hubbard plaque at Antigua’s Parque Central?

Ronald Hubbard plaque at Antigua's Parque Central  by Rudy Giron

The Plaza Mayor better known as Parque Central is full of plain-view secrets and interesting trivia. For instance, did you know there is a homage plaque for Ronald Hubbard, the founder of Scientology? How in the world this plaque found a place in Parque Central beats me, but there it is. Other interested things in the Main Square are:

Why do you think there’s a Ronald Hubbard plaque in Antigua Guatemala?

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  • Lectric.Chuck

    I have wondered the same thing when I saw it.

    • I wonder is anybody knows how this plaque got there.

  • Federico Rosales Arzú

    I do not know whom is L. Ronald Hubbard but the corrupted Mayor of Antigua, could explain why this plaque is in there. There are a lot of Guatemalans and de specially Antigueños that deserves to have a place of honor in the Parque Central…..

  • NYChapin

    Well Rudy, I was not supposed to say anything because, I was sworn to secrecy,,, pero it turns out that Tom Cruise will be moving to Antigua soon !! ( compro un terreno en la finca Filadelfia) He wants to feel at home and had the plaque installed. I also heard that the Muni will be changing the name of our beloved cerro to: ” El Cerro de la Cruise’

  • Antigua Fan

    That is horrendous. Scientology is truly a cult.
    Antigueños should be honored in Parque Central. And a plaque to honor someone like Hubbard is insult on humanity.

  • Marie

    Antigua guatemala in been invaded by strange foreigns for years. I don’t know the mayor form Antigua but shame on him if he is selling his soul to scientology for a few dollars. Specially to Tom Criuse we all are tired of his nonsense if not ask Katie Holms ….hope he never moves to Antigua to practice his rituals….

  • Eric

    I’m wondering too, Rudy. I just noticed this a few months ago. First, I laughed out loud, out of disbelief and confusion. Then I wondered the same thing. An ice cream from Dona Gavi’s helped to clear my thoughts … 😀

  • nesdave

    Hubbard was a great humanitarian. He gave money, aid and education as it was needed to help others recover from disasters and restore a troubled environment. Those who knew him respected and loved him.

  • nesdave

    This will explain why there is a plaque in Antigua:

    • Thanks Nesdave for sharing.

  • Dylan

    No doubt one of their cult members gave a large sum to someone in the government in return for secretly installing this when no one was really watching.

    • Hi Dylan, I still don’t know how this was possible, but your option is quite plausible.