A Day Full of News from Antigua Guatemala

Fuego volcano erupting in Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Giron

Today was the day. Today Fuego Volcano stole the spot lights with the largest pyroclastic activity seen in recent times. The arrest of Antigua Guatemala’s Mayor and ten other people accused of corruption and taking public funds took a second stage. On the other hand, the Antorchas de la Independencia, Independence Torches continue arriving and leaving Antigua Guatemala with the Independence flame. There were also civics acts in Parque Central along a fashion and design show. Last but not least, Bohemia Suburbana, one of Guatemala’s most popular rock bands, reunited after 12-year separation for a concert in the Ermita de la Santa Cruz.

Un día lleno de noticias en La Antigua Guatemala. La noticia mas llamativa fue sin duda que el Volcán de Fuego ya que se robó toda la atención y el arresto del alcalde Adolfo Vivar pasó casi desapercibido. Otras noticias del día fueron que las antorchas de la Independencia siguieron llegando a La Antigua Guatemala y saliendo en maratones con la llama de la Independencia. También hubo un desfile de modas y diseño en el Parque Central y otros actos cívicos. Por último, en la noche Bohemia Suburbana tendrá un concierto de reunión después de 12 años de separación en La Ermita de La Santa Cruz.

Here’s a time-lapsed video created by Nelo Mijangos.

Here’s the sequence of photographs I took around 10:15am.

And here’s the series of photos I took about the Ministerio Público, MP, the General Attorney officers collecting computer evidence.

And short fragment of Guatemala’s National Anthem.

Last, the designer girls and their models ready to begin their fashion show in Parque Central.
Fashion and Design show in Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Giron

© 2012, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Gerald England

    you’ve got a lot going on there right now

    • Thanks Gerard for your concern and keeping tabs on me via Facebook. We did certainly had a lot on our plate yesterday.

  • NYChapin

    y las fotos de Bohemia ? je je je
    Wow, sure was a busy day for Antigua. Definitely a chapter from
    ” pueblo chico, infierno grande”. Hope thing quiet down for the weekend.

    • Oh don’t worry NYChapin, the Bohebia Suburbana photos are coming… stay tuned for those!
      BTW, I don’t think this weekend will be a quite one, we have Independence Day celebrations coming up tomorrow and Sunday.

  • Eric

    Rudy, news of the volcano even made its way into the news up here, in the corner pocket. Unfortunately, for the English language channels, all they are interested in is the volcano news. Thanks for keeping us informed on ALL the goings-on via LAGDP !

    • Well Eric, the news made it to all the hidden corners of the world. On Facebook, people from all corners of the world asked how I was doing. I was even asked by CNN’s iReport to submit my photos.

      • Eric

        Of course ! A reporter/photographer of your caliber should expect to be asked for information regarding these things. Bien hecho, maestro !

  • Begonia

    I have to say, my reaction to yesterdays news was pretty positive, although of course I feel horrible for all the people whose property will be damaged and whose lives are at risk. But as far as the bigger picture, I saw government agencies doing their job in a professional manner. Way to go CONRED and Ministerio Publico/CICIG!

    • That’s right Begonia, CONRED and MP/CICIG did a very professional job, their work fulfilled our expectations of what our institutions should be able to do.

  • Lico43

    Congratulations Rudy for this photographic report, “cuando mucho, cuando nada”…Antigua is alive!!!….there is lot of going on, in the political world, independence day celebrations, musical shows, fashion shows and the nature shows!!!….
    It is worth to live in Antigua!!!…..