Another Gate Community Entrance

Another Gate Community Entrance by Rudy Giron

Here’s yet another typical entrance for a gated community around Antigua Guatemala. What do your think about gated communities? Are they a good idea or something to split even more people into segments? Now, what are your thoughts regarding unmanaged and uncontrolled real estate development?

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  • After visiting Antigua last month and strongly developing relocation plans with our young family, we are asking the same question…

    Are gated communities good or bad? While they are good in some aspects, they are definitely “separating”…anxious to hear other thoughts.

  • El Güito

    We did some exploration on the gated communities, and note that most (or all) are on the periphery of “El Casco”. Some of them, like at least one on Calle de Los Duelos (where the buses turn coming in from Guatemala City) were built as they wished with no connection or resemblance of the colonial architecture, a huge wall was built to cover it up. Others, like the ones behind Casa Santo Domingo (same street) are very well and beautifully done. What amazed me is that the asking prices are same as the equivalent house in California.

  • Gated communities are a way of relinquishing social responsibility and enforcing a class structure not to mention a focal point for being targeted most likely by an acquaintance of the guardians that are supposed to be protecting you.

  • we looked at gated communities as well… but I decided to buy a lot in a colonia on the outskirts of the city-no gate there but it is across from a big police station on Ruta Atlantico-close enough for hubby to get to his hometown in an aldea of Palencia & tend to the coffee plants and jocote trees that we have growing on our land there. My brother in law owns a house at the end of the street and often in the early morning hours the caretakers dogs will bark letting us know someone is outside. (most of the time we take a peek out the window and see the policemen sleeping in their trucks!) I like to blend in with the locals, not separate myself from them-and am as comfortable visiting friends in a luxurious home as I am visiting friends in a 2 room home with a dirt floor. The funniest thing for me this past summer was going to hubby’s hometown and having the local kids stare at me and say “canche or gringa” when I went by.