Tortilla Time

Tortilla Time by Rudy Giron

It is interesting how the aroma of freshly-made tortillas can be so haunting. This is especially true to Guatemalans who are not used having tortillas not made the same day or even within the same hour. Well, the aroma of tortillas just coming out of the comal can be equal to the aroma of bread coming out the oven. Especially if you grew up with tortillas made los tres tiempos.

Tortillas, unlike bread, are even more versatile: you can fold or roll them; you can tear them apart; you can use them in tacos or burritos if they are large enough; you can fry them or toast them and use them as tostada shells; you can use them as utisels as explained by LD in her Miss Manners International entry: “Gotta love the tortilla, which is essentially another utensil. It can push food onto your fork, wipe up extra sauce in your place.” Tortillas can be tiny, like in garnachas, or huge like in tlayudas; tortillas can be thin like in the average Mexican tortilla or thick like the Guatemalan pishtones. Tortillas can be found in several colors like red, black/blue, yellow and white. You can add stuff to the tortillas at the time of cooking and turn them into pupusas or Mayan pizzas as I like to call them. You can use tortillas as wrappers for the carnitas and chicharrones.

Win this photo as a post card! Simply explain in your own words how to make Guatemalans tortillas, the best answer will received this photo as a post card delivered to their home or office. Good luck to all participants.

© 2012, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • El Canche

    I had a few days when I could not get ADP to update and got worried! I realize I am hooked on this brilliant website for my daily fix and an inability to get news from La Antigua sends me cold turkey! Good to see the humble tortilla as the latest image….you do great food pictures!

  • Buzz

    Very simple. Just walk down to your local tienda where an expert makes them for you three times a day. In addition to getting a fresh, wholesome product, you’re providing local employment.

    • But what if you live in a foreign place where there are tortillerias, what to do then?

  • denna’s ideas

    My tortillas don’t turn out very well!! I just use maseca and haven’t found the secret so that they don’t turn out dry! But reading your post, I could smell fresh tortillas, yum!!

    • Luis

      @Denna, you need to put more water into the Maseca. Here in the States we also use Maseca and the tortillas come out OK. You need to experiment with the amount of water otherwise they will be to dry or too sticky.

  • Eric

    Sorry, Rudy, I have no idea what the secret of tortilla creation is … I am too busy talking with the ladies who make them, ha-ha-ha ! Nicely composed shot, and once again, you are making me hungry right after breakfast. The closest tortilleria is soooooooooooo faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away… !