Magic Cumbia Swing and Latin Blues Night with Ishto Juevez and Ixtapoch Vallenas in Antigua Guatemala

Ishto Juevez + Ixtapoch Vallenas y su cumbia swing y latin blues en CFCE Antigua by Rudy Giron

If you’re not in Antigua Guatemala right now, you don’t know what you’re missing. Well, I will help you know what you’re missing by not being in Antigua Guatemala. Let’s start with a photo festival, an orchid exposition, a haunting music nights.

Last Friday night was magical with melodic and enchanting music performed by musicians Ishto Juevez and Ixtapoch Vallenas inside the gardens of the Compañía de Jesús Building in Antigua Guatemala. The weather and temperatures were just perfect, the night was lit by a full moon and the musicians by colourful spotlights that not only highlighted the musicians but also the amazing venue that is the Cooperación Española. Below I share with you some of Ishto Juevez music and video clip for one of his most popular songs and a photo gallery of the night. Enjoy!

© 2012, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • NYChapin

    wow, que excelente ! believe me Rudy, I’ve been wishing to be in Guate down to my bones. I needed the “empujoncito” this morning and will make it the soundtrack of the day ! pero que ishto !

    • I am glad to know that you only needed an “empujoncito” to make up your mind about coming down to Guatemala. You know that in the mean time, we’ll give daily doses of Guatemalanness at AntiguaDailayPhoto, GuatemalaDailyPhoto and XelaDailyPhoto. 😉

  • Eric

    Rudy, i have to second NYChapin; ‘Empujoncito’ has been going through my head (and played on my computer) for a few days. You have posted music from el Sr. Jueves before, yes ? Awesome video, and great fotos in this post. You can be sure I know where to look for my daily guatemalanness … je-je-je !

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