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October 2012

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Typical Guatemalan Kite Shop by Rudy Giron -

Typical Guatemalan Kite Shop

So, here’s a typical Guatemalan kite shop found in most villages. The kites are sold for Q1, Q2, Q5 and Q10 for …

Kite Season Decoration by Rudy Giron -

Kite Season Decoration

The kite season is upon us already so it comes as no surprise to see Guatemalan kites being used as decorations. Through …

Wild flowers from Guatemala by Rudy Giron -

Wild flowers from Guatemala

There are so many beautiful wild flowers in Guatemala that one can enjoy in hedgerows, fields, milpas, etc. It’s no wonder R.E.M. …

The remains of the rain by Rudy Giron -

The remains of the rain

A couple weeks ago I called for the end of the rainy season mistakenly because we had almost ten days without rain. …

Shoe shine and Snack Time by Rudy Giron

Shoe shine and Snack Time

I saw this man having chuchitos and atol de arroz con chocolate while having his shoes shone and I thought he was …

Guatemalan Baroque Entrance by Rudy Giron -

Guatemalan Baroque Entrance

Now, be honest, don’t you wish this was the entrance to your home? I know I do. I normally like very minimalist …

Best business sign I have ever seen by Rudy Giron

Best business sign ever

This has to be the most creative business sign I have ever seen. I found this sign in San Juan del Obispo …

Procuring The Firewood by Rudy Giron -

Procuring the firewood

Whenever you come across people riding horses or donkeys over the cobblestone streets of La Antigua Guatemala you feel like you are …

Town Fair Food by Rudy Giron

Town Fair Food

What’s your favorite food from the Guatemalan town fair? I go nuts for the churros.

La Antigua City Tour Bus by Rudy Giron

La Antigua City Tour Bus

There’s a new tourist circuit bus service in La Antigua Guatemala. The two-hour tour circuit takes you through the main landmarks and …

Only in LAG: Furry Bicycle by Rudy Giron

Only in LAG: Furry Bicycle

Here’s another a very good specimen for the Only in LAG category, don’t you think? Come on where else can you find …

In Style for the Rainy Season by Rudy Giron -

In Style for the Rainy Season

Colorful rubber boots are in style in Antigua Guatemala. These stylish and fashionable boots can be found inside the mercado, market. Of …