View from Inside a TukTuk Moto Taxi

View from Inside a TukTuk Moto Taxi by Rudy Giron -

Have you ever ridden on a tuk tuk taxi?

I don’t recall exactly when tuk tuk motorcycles arrived in Guatemala, but they were absorbed as part of the Guatemalan culture and tradition very swiftly. Tuk tuk motorcycles became quite popular instantly and before you knew it, tuk tuk motorbikes were used as speedy and inexpensive taxis around Antigua Guatemala.

Beside taxi service tuk tuk motorcycles are used for the following services:

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  • El Canche

    Nice one, Rudy; from the appearence of the road, the Tuk-Tuk is moving, but the rest of the photo seems amazingly stable? Maybe I’m just a lousy photographer. A great Asian invention that’s doing well in LAG.

    • Yes Canche, the tuktuk taxi was moving and moving fast, but somehow I manage to capture the overall feel of the ride, I think.

  • El Güito

    Ohh yeah! You have not completed your immersion in La Antigua unless You ride, at least once, a tuk tuk, for the 10Q (if they still charge that) you get to experience how it must be inside a blender. They go FAST! I’m always surprised that they stay vertical around the corners.
    And it is seriously that I say it, not me but if You have back or joint problems, do not ride in one of these!
    And also I have to add that the drivers are so courteous, they close the flimsy canvas “door” after You and laugh with You every time they go airborne for a second.

    • Hahaha, that’s a pretty accurate description of what it feels to ride a tuktuk taxi.

  • Eric

    I have taken many tuk-tuk rides in Guatemala, Rudy, but never in La Antigua. I cannot seem to co-ordinate my need for a ride with an available tuk-tuk. If I need them, I cannot find them…when I am sitting outside at a cafe, they ask me if I need a ride. Obviously, I need to spend more time in La Antigua, until I get this right !