La Antigua City Tour Bus

La Antigua City Tour Bus by Rudy Giron

There’s a new tourist circuit bus service in La Antigua Guatemala. The two-hour tour circuit takes you through the main landmarks and interest points found around Antigua Guatemala, including Finca Filadelfia. The tourist bus circuit is a hop-on hop-off service which makes a great way to get more mileage by simply hopping on and off at your convenience.

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  • NYChapin

    Sacrilege !! those streets ought to be walked. Just saying je je

    • Eric

      Pero, Senor… as someone who walks so many of the streets, but who occasionally wanders too far, this might be a good thing. Oh, I’ll never admit to using the bus. But if I needed it, just in case, I’m glad it’s there. It’s not like I can find an available tuk-tuk when I need one, ja-ja-ja !

    • But what if you can not walk for too long or if you want to visit Finca Filadelfia and Finca La Azotea?

      • NYChapin

        sure, they should have services for people with special needs. But I would hate to see such buses turning Antigua into an amusement park. To me, it would feel like riding the “it’s a small world” ride in Disneyland, maybe with the theme song being played on marimba !

        • Well, unfortunately in so many ways Antigua Guatemala is like Disneyland already. 🙁

  • Buzz

    I wish them well, but question the economics of the service.

    2 persons @ $10 each (Q80) = Q160

    2 or 3 persons in a tuk-tuk @ Q15 = 10+ tuk-tuk rides (16 rides for 3)

    I imagine that it might be possible to hire a tuk-tuk for half a day and have immediate transportation to your next stop, rather than having to wait for the bus to come along.

    That said, I wish them well. To compete with alternative transportation, they’ll need a lot more than one bus.

    • Well Buzz, the bus is certainly much more comfortable as well as safe. Furthermore, the Antigua City bus has a tourist guide onboard which gives you background information of the different places visited as well as being available for any tourist question. Last, the tourist bus visits Finca Filadelfia and Finca La Azotea which is a more expensive ride with tuktuk taxis.

      • Buzz

        There is a shuttle to Finca La Azotea from Parque Central and I’ve seen the Finca Filadelfia mega-truck carrying visitors. While both fincas do have admission fees, I know that the Finca Azotea shuttle is free and assume that the Finca Filadelfia is as well.

        As someone else mentioned, La Antigua is best viewed on foot. Why hardly a day goes by that I don’t discover a new business (i.e. the new bakery on 3rd Calle Poniente) open or something that I’ve not noticed before.

        If nothing else, it’s much easier to view the people on foot, both locals and visitors. Sometimes they are the highlight of the day, especially the children in their beautiful ropa tipica.

        Obviously, if I’m wrong, the tour bus will be a tremendous success. Otherwise, some enterprising individual will repurpose it to meet a different need. Only time will tell.

        • We’ll see how it turns out. I wish them success as well.

  • Mariale

    finally a tour that I dont have to walk for 4 hours and is comfortable $10.00 is really cheap I just recently was in Madrid and payed 26 euros so congratulate Antigua City Tour for this service in a really importatn destination of the world, all the important destinations of the world have a turibus sightseeing city tour is a great way to experience La Antigua, comfortable, fast and cheap. The tuc tuc is cheap but not comfortabke and is not the same service so hope you have success in this new project for Antigua.

    • Yes Mariale, I do believe some people would benefit by having a turibus. I am glad you are one of them who use this service next time you visit us.