Shoe shine and Snack Time

Shoe shine and Snack Time by Rudy Giron

I saw this man having chuchitos and atol de arroz con chocolate while having his shoes shone and I thought he was having a difficult time trying to put his atol on the stool without dropping the chuchitos. Of course, I had to pull out my camera and capture the scene for you. This is going directly to the Only in LAG category. Enjoy!

© 2012, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Buzz

    I’m impressed. It takes all of my concentration to switch shoes at the appropriate time. I can’t imagine trying to eat at the same time. Of course, that could just be a sign of growing old. :0)

    • Well, you and I have trouble switching shoes, although I have to admit I do manage to have an ice cream while having my shoes shone.

  • Luis

    Rudy, I would not call it snack time. His watch shows the time, 12:25pm. I would say, it is lunch time. Great shot though.
    A question, when you take a photo like this, do you ask for permission? In my trips to LAG I have been tempted to take photos of people doing unsual things but I am always afraid of being confronted for taking the picture.