The typical taco stand in Guatemala

The typical taco stand in Guatemala by Rudy Giron - <a href="" ></a>

Just as with pizza, tacos are now part of the Guatemalan gastronomy. You can find tacos in every town fair, at parks and plazas, on the side of the roads, within malls, etc. However tacos in Guatemala are nothing like the Mexican tacos one finds in Mexico or the United States. Somehow, the Guatemalan taco is different, it’s hard to explain, but it does not taste like a Mexican taco, even though that’s supposedly what their selling you. The picture above is what the typical beef taco stands looks like.

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  • Luis

    Rudy, what makes the difference in the taste of Guatemalan tacos is the “chirmol” on the right hand side.

    • hahaha Luis, it’s not chirmol, it’s pico de gallo, but I hear you… the difference is, of course, the missing salsas.

      • Luis

        My mistake, it looked to me like it was done we grilled tomatoes. That’s how my mom used to make the tacos, with “chirmol” the same we use to accompany “carne asada”.