Black and White of the Cathedral

It's only when you take a look at a white and black photo of the cathedral that one can really appreciate the dramatic lighting system of this fabulous church; don't you agree?


© 2012, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Erick!

    That’s pretty awesome. I was there last week or so but didn’t get to see it at night….this makes me wish that I had! I was there on “earthquake day” and most of the ruins were closed, but I was still able to enjoy the beautiful scenery that Antigua has to offer.

    • Hahaha, you were here last week and I was in L.A. last week. I missed the earthquake completely.

      • Erick!

        In all honesty, I didn’t even feel the earthquake. I was on the road to Antigua while the earthquake took place, and once we got to Antigua we actually went inside some ruins (ironically, they weren’t closed yet). While inside, we overheard people talking about an “earthquake” and I thought they were referring to the one that must have destroyed the ruins…haha! When we walked to INGUAT to get a map of Antigua, that’s when a gentleman informed us of what had just taken place, which explains why everyone looked so shook up, no pun intended.