The Typical Guatemalan Sandwich

The Typical Guatemalan Sandwich with Longaniza by Rudy Giron - <a href="" ></a>

The typical Guatemalan sandwich is simply known as Pan (bread) or pan con carne (beef sandwich), pan con chile relleno (chile relleno sandwich), pan con longaniza (white sausage sandwich), pan con chorizo (red sausage sandwich), et cetera. The bread used for the Guatemalan sandwich is usually pirujo, sort of white bread baguette, but pan francés (French roll) can be used as often. The picture above is a pan con longaniza which has refried black beans on one side and guacamole on the other side and the white sause is mixed with pickled vegetables. Bon appetite!

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  • Erick!

    Pan con chile relleno is the best. I even put one in my carry-on bag so that I could eat on the plane on my way back from Guate.

    Not too crazy about the refried beans with avocado you mentioned above, but I would still give it a shot.