Visit Antigua Guatemala during the Dry season

Rudy Giron: &emdash;

I never get tired of urging you to visit Guatemala during the dry season. The weather is the best, the light is magical and there are so many celebrations, the best celebrations in my opinion, such as Day of the Dead, All Saints Day, Thanksgiving, Burning of the Devil, Posadas, Christmas, New Year’s, Día de Reyes, Carnival, and some years even the world-famous Holy Week of Antigua Guatemala.

This photo is a typical portrait of the weather during the dry season. What are you waiting for? Book your next flight to Antigua Guatemala right now, don’t wait any longer…

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  • Eric

    Wait, are you SURE this is La Antigua, Rudy ? I don’t recognize the place without a downpour in the afternoon. For Christmas this year, I will ask Santa Claus for a chance to visit during the dry season, ja-ja-ja!

  • Maria

    If i could……..

    • Hi Maria, sometimes all you have to do is write it down on your to-do list. Then you begin finding the way.