Marimba Days in Antigua Guatemala

Marimba Days in Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Giron - <a href="" ></a>

Most weekends in Antigua Guatemala are marimba days. There are quite a few places, private and public, where one can listen to live marimba music. In this particular case, the marimba players were providing the soundtrack for the weekend temporary handicraft market that set up over the weekend on the atrium of the former Compañía de Jesús building, now the headquarter for the Cooperación Española.

Do you like marimba music? I ask because I don’t and only listen to it when there is no choice like in this particular case.

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  • Eric

    I think if I grew up with marimba music all around, I would be tired of it, too. However, I have to admit, I love it. The sound is so unique, and the music transports me back to Guate., if I am not there. Perhaps I will be tired of it, too, someday…but for now, Mas Marimba ! Ja-ja-ja !

    • Eric, you like all things Guatemala, like coffee, women and marimba. My advice to you, move to Guate ASAP. 😉

  • Buzz

    I’m with Eric. I really enjoy marimba music and have enjoyed listening to these talented young people when they play on Sunday afternoon (twice a month) at the Spanish Cooperation Center. Since you don’t like marimba music, Rudy, I’ll listen to your share for you.

    • Thanks Buzz, I really appreciate you taking over my share of listening of marimba music. I regret not having heard this offer before, you have saved me from all the angst. 😉

  • Tom de NY

    I like it as well, but mainly because of the association with my my times in Guatemala. I also have just about every version of “Luna de Xelaju” every recorded for the same reason!

  • NYChapin

    Oh Rudy, we were hoping that the movie ” Marimbas del Infierno” would turn it around for you ! guess not. Well, as for me, I love marimba ! I had a chance to play it ( not good at all) while in Guate and one of my cousins is a “maestro” that traveled the world playing with the “marimba de concierto de bellas artes”. Good news for Tom de NY and anybody in the NYC area. The Marimba is in NY !
    The “marimba de concierto del Liceo Javier” ( a great group of patojos from Guate)) has been on tour for a couple of weeks in this part of the county,. After visiting Canada, they played monday at the United Nations here in NY and tommorow will play at Long Island Universtity Campus in Brooklyn. ( I hope to be there !) Saturday, they will be out on Long Island. For more info, check their facebook page.
    By the way, i think ” Noche de Luna entre Ruinas” should be the soundtrack song of LGDP ( you can have it on piano, if you like” jeje

    • I am updating this post with the marimba song “Noche de Luna entre Ruinas.” Believe it or not, I haven’t got a chance to watch “Marimbas del Infierno.” I have to remedy that.

  • Thanks for sharing Begonia. I will listen to new interesting marimba. I will make a play list in Grooveshark as well.