The dry season is the wedding season

Rudy Giron: &emdash;

As I have mentioned before as soon as the dry season arrives, the wedding receptions and ceremonies commence to blossom as flowers in the Spring in other parts of the world. I make this clarification because in Guatemala flowers bloom year round. I would say that Antigua Guatemala is also the wedding capital as well as the tourism capital of Central America. I don’t know what entails to get married in Antigua Guatemala, but couples overcome most hurdles just to have their wedding ceremony and reception in the most romantic city in Guatemala.

Do you know what entails to marry in Antigua Guatemala?

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  • El Canche

    I married my Guatemalan bride in the church of San Bartolome Becerra in December 1983. Being a foreigner, I was able to choose my parish, but my wife asked her local church permission to marry in the church we had both chosen in Antigua. There was the interview with the Bishop at San Francisco; he was great, very helpful and absolved us from going to marriage preparation classes, on the basis we were already mature in the faith (!!). I arranged all the details locally; fotographer (you were probably just a kid then Rudy!), church singer, flowers and hotel reception….and voila!! My friends said we started the trend of weddings in Antigua, but I believe it was guys like Rudy doing such a great job of portraying this paradise, that no one can resist going there to be married! One day we’ll come back to live in Antigua!

    • Thanks Canche for sharing with us the details of the wedding process as you experienced it. I didn’t know what the wedding process entails.

  • Erick!

    That car is pimp!

    • Yeah Erick, I want a car just like it.